28th of March 2008

The first pair of “twins” that I know of celebrated their birthday together yesterday at Kenny Roger’s @ Marina Square, among seven other girl-friends. Because of the sitting arrangement, one group was discussing school life; university, modules, etc., whereas the other group was discussing about each other’s love-life over dinner. For me, I was in the first group; the one about school life. How exciting. Haha!!! 😀

Thinking back to yestereve, I must say that a feeling of nostalgia swept over… Memories of school days came haunting. All of a sudden, I feel really old, as if not 4 years had passed, but instead 40 years! Sigh… I assume it is because the Co. is starting to fly away one by one… One is already in the UK studying, and come September, another one will be joining her there while another is on pending. Another is already down in NZ, while another has send applications all over the world for higher learning. As for the rest of us, only time will tell if we, too, will join the others in other countries furthering our education.

Char was very nice to accompany me to Gramaphone at The Cathay after lunching with Juls to hunt for that elusive Fahrenheit 1st album for Evan. It was “out of stock”. Bravo… Instead, I got meself an equally elusive CD: Kubokuro All Singles Best (Singapore Edition), and a French one, which has songs like ‘La Mer’ and ‘C’est Si Bon’. Yippee!!! Haha…

Thanks, Char for accompanying me there and helping me hunt for those CDs. 😀  

Then, it was off to Orchard Cineleisure to meet birthday girl Evan-chan to watch “The Spiderwick Chronicals”. Through this supposedly-kiddy film, we had our dose of suspense, fear, anxiety and tears. So, bring on those who say that it is kiddish! To those who have not watched it, I will NOT spoil things for you. So,


After that 1 and 1/2 hours, we did some really last minute shopping at nearby Ngee Ann City. We were hunting for extra little presents for LiWen… and ended in The Body Shop where I signed up for the membership and where we bought a support-cause for HIV Lip Butter for LiWen and Evan got her a bottle of Cassis Rose Body Mist. Haha! How last minute it was! I got for meself a Aqua Lily Body Mist and Evan-chan got the same lip balm as LiWen’s. Oh! The membership sign-up came with a free Mint Lip Balm. I tried it and it was really … cooling! And because it is mint, it came across to me as mint-flavour chewing gum. 😀 

Noticed a lot of women along Orchard holding on to stalks of flowers and so we wondered where they got them from. It was only after crossing the road to the other side’s busstop (near Tangs) that we saw the source of the flowers. It was on the other side that we came from (Wisma Atrium). …dots… Thus, we crossed the road again just to get the flowers. And Evan-chan had to ask/exchange for a pink one. !!! Gosh… LOL!!!

Funny things we do in life. However, it is because of these funny things that makes life interesting. Hee!

Well then, here’s wishing Evan-chan and LiWen a beautiful 20th year on Earth. May you be able to achieve your dreams. May the Good Lord bless you both and keep you healthy always.

And I am waiting patiently for all the photos and Neoprints Manda owes us all… -.-” Manda-chan!!! Haiya-ku!!!


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