Dear all,

My gosh!!! It had been quite a week. Two major assignments and one major bravado of a performance, if I may say so myself, including rehearsals,  over and done with. Whoot!!! Let’s begin with the performance.

5th April 2008, Saturday

Went back to school in the afternoon for a chorus rehearsal with the orchestra. Hartung was in a foul mood. I assumed that it was partly because the student timpanist broke his fingers and was in hospital. So, no other percussionist was eligible to handle the timpanis. Finished rehearsing earlier than scheduled. Enx and I stayed awhile after to do some work in the computer lab before heading to Bugis together; I for home, and she for church. Anyway, it felt really odd to be back in school on a saturday. Bugis Street was packed. In fact, it was nearly jammed with human traffic. It was so odd to see so many people in that area. Maybe it was because we were so used to doing our shopping on a weekday. Maybe that was the reason. Lol! Gosh! Not too long after we will be like those people; doing the shopping on a weekend. Yucks! All that crowd!

7th April 2008, Monday

Thai music masterclass. It was so fun. There were almost an equal number of “teachers” to “students”, 6 students to about 8 teachers. The younger teachers taught us mainly one-to-one, while the older two supervised. I learned to play two different instruments; the woodwind instrument “kui – piang or” and the wooden xylophone “ranaat tum”. (I hope I spelled the names correctly. Hee!) The fingerings and techniques for the “kui – piang or” were the same as playing the western recorder. No problems on that front except for the breathing control part as it was really easy to go into harmonics and the higher range. A bit like playing a brass instrument. In the second round, I swapped places with Boy and played the “ranaat tum”. Holding the mallets was different from the western xylophone. Playing the instrument was another matter; elaborating of the instrument comes from rolling the notes, playing in 3rds, 4ths or 5ths, and even in octaves. Fun!

Another afternoon rehearsal. This time, it was slightly longer than saturday’s for the soloists came to join us. The chorus’ part of the rehearsal ended at almost 6p.m. Then home to chiong my NIE presentation assignment.

8th April 2008, Tuesday

Another day of rehearsal. Yawnzzz… In fact, it was a dress rehearsal in the LFT. Throughout the first 3 movements of Beethoven’s 9th, the chorus were seated on the floor behind the orchestra, falling asleep. Could not say I was not guilty of doing the same.

9th April 2008, Wednesday

The DAY. OMGosh… *does “The Scream”* Went back to school for warmups at 2pm. GTC made us laugh. A lot. If there is a need for a standup comedian, GTC is good for it. Really! A pity none flimed his antics on stage. Well, as some one once said, “It’s a compliment if some one calls a musician ‘Mad’ or ‘Crazy’ “. Haha! Agree with that.

On to the Victoria Concert Hall (VCH) by public bus. Service #131 was like an unofficial NAFA Chorus bus; most of us were on it (you could tell by what we were wearing; full black). Yes. Our “uniform” is black. Full black. The only time we are united is when we have to perform. Haha! Really rare to see us like this.

We sat on these really huge wooden steps facing the audience, infront of the big organ, which was behind the orchestra. It was a tight squeez with about 140 students there. We had a really quick run through with the orchestra and soloists, and getting used to the stage and sound before being dismissed for dinner. Us 4 girls went to KFC for dinner after taking a few post-rehearsal/pre-concert photos outside the VCH. Haha! We spent nearly 2hours in KFC chatting about our views and lives; not that we had been missing out on each other’s life for a long time… It went along the lines of “3 years had gone so fast… Can’t believe it…” Well, we were reminising. Getting old and sentimental, yah? Haha! Hilarious.

Got back to the VCH at about 25mins to 8p.m. Watched the NAFA Gamelan group hammering “Ode to Joy”, which was a blast, and met me folks there. Then, it was concert time. The first half was by the Chinese music. The second was the HIGHLIGHT. Throughout the first part, us chorus were housed in a room nearby, waiting for our turn. And we were camera-whoring. Yes. We were THAT bored. Haha!

Here are a few of many taken by Juls.

After our performance and the last chord struck by the orchestra, the applause from the audience did not stop. Those in the Circle up there stood up – a standing ovation. Wow… It was awesome. Everyone said that it was good. Even the review by a Straits Times journalist (Friday, 11th April 2008). Believe it. NAFA is making waves. Be amazed. Be prepared.

All of us were happy that evening. Even GTC.  

10th April 2008, Thursday

Thank goodness I managed to finish most of my NIE presentation assignment or else I would not be able to sleep the night before. What was left was to tidy up some things here and there and print out all of my lesson plans, notes, slides and put them in a file. The presentation itself was quite alright. Nothing big happened except for a little tech glitch when setting-up.

11th April 2008, Friday

Video music-effects Music Tech assignmnent dued. Got it done. Phew. Actually, got 80% done. The rest; saving .Sib into a .wav file and adding it to the video, was planned to be done in school. Ran into a lot of problems when I did it in school. Gosh! It was so damn bloody fustrating. Thank goodness Juls helped me out, and with God’s grace, I got it done, except for a little out of sync-ness… Never mind. It was done. Yay!!!


So, my week was like that. Taken up by school stuff. The next two weeks will be on the same level of stress; my parents will not be at home for two whole weeks, thus, I have to handle both the house chores and my dog, and I got 3 assignments due; 1 on this coming friday (another Music Tech one) and two next tuesday (one each for History and Counterpoint). May the Lord bless and help us poor students of Yr. 3 Music (Teaching). Gosh… I feel tired. School’s on tomorrow. Yawn… Night.

P.S: It’s not as if this is the first time I’m left at home alone. If I can get through the last time, why on earth am I complaining about this now??? I’m odd.

P.P.S: I am in need of some retail therapy. Help!!!


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