Already 3 Years

Since the last time I blogged, many things regarding school (and work) happened. But I will not talk much about them. If you want to know, take a look at Enxin’s.

I just like to say that I will miss NAFA. The thought that I will be graduating from there this semester somehow makes me feel sad. I will miss the people I have come to know, especially the lecturers, and the environment, like the sound of musical instruments in practiced as I walk down the corridors. 3 years there just zoomed by so quickly. All those memories will be treasured. I just … feel sad.

Sigh… But life must move on. That is the worst part. Meaning: I have to pass all of my subject modules in order to graduate this semester and join my classmates at that national institute come July. 😦 Well, life does not end here just because something else comes to an end. Sigh… Sad.

Final examinations started this week on tuesday with Conducting. The written examination papers will take place next week, starting on monday. And I have yet to study/prepare for the first paper. Crap. How to pass like that??? Die… Must forced myself to study. Bleh.

Shall stop here now. Another day.


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