9th May 2008

Counterpoint. My last written examination paper here at NAFA and I had it completed in less than an hour instead of savouring the last few moments of another hour sitting there in the Recital Hall with my fellow classmates. However, I didn’t hand the examination paper in immediately. Instead, I sat there checking and rechecking my answers, then, while waiting for others to be the first to hand it in, I was doing some sketching on (what else!) the exam script. Lol! Don’t worry. I rubbed my wonderful drawings off before submission. 😛 I wasn’t the only one who finished the paper before the first hour. Enx, who was seated behind me, was the same case as me. We handed the papers in at the same time. How united. 😀 Next was Juls and the last of all was Char. God only knows what she was doing in the examination room. She nearly used up the full 2hours. And we were so nice as to wait for her outside. -.-”


Char, Enx and I went to collect that NAFA Jog-a-thon Fundraising 2007 certificate of participation from the Students’ Welfare Office before heading off to lunch (Juls went out with the guys instead). So, we 3 went to MOF at Bugis Junction where Char and I recommended it to Enx as we had been there once before on Monday for lunch after Ethnomusic exam. Lol! So much for being studious… Bleh. 😛 Anyway, Char and I agreed that the set lunch we had on Monday was definitely better than today’s after Enx and her ordered today’s set. As for me, I had Tempura Bento (a la carte). And we had desert too! Gelato… Yum…

Char and I did some shopping after Enx left for NIE to meet her NSC (NIE Supervising Coordinator) with Dora. We had quite a time trying on clothes (heehee!) and I came home with just one t-shirt from B.U.M Equipment at half price as there was a Super Sale at BHG @ Bugis, a departmental store.

Must complain… Why is it that us humans must fit the clothes but not the clothes fit us??? -.-@@@@ 

Back to the topic… So, we spent our time there till about 4p.m.

Did I mention that I’m going to miss the shopping on a weekday afternoon at Bugis?

Here’s a summary of my week(s):

9th May 2008, Friday (today). Counterpoint exam. Did the required 2 questions in less than 1 hour. Lunched with Char and Enx. Shopping with Char.

8th May 2008, Thursday (yesterday). History listening exam. All those listening extracts started sounding the same… Confusing. But it wasn’t that bad. Manageable.

5th May 2008, Monday. Ethnomusicology exam. 6 questions. WTH!!! Studied too much a.k.a prepared too much. More than manageable. All that worrying for nothing.

4th May 2008, Sunday. Cousin’s traditional wedding tea ceremony (morning) and dinner (evening). Last minute mugging for Ethnomusicology exam which was to be the next day.

30th April 2008, Wednesday. Morning. Ms Lim came down to NAFA to teach the final lesson using the pre-booked recital rehearsal time slot. Like… WOW. She never did it before. Never in my three years. Will miss her. Maybe I’ll take up the A.B Music Dip. with her. Heh. Must think properly. Juls had her lesson before me ‘cos she was due for a medical check that morning. Went to wait with her at the hospital after my lesson then had lunch together before going down to Clarke Quay Central to meet Evan. I invited Juls along ‘cos she didn’t have anything to do till 5pm when all of us had to hand up the Concert Attendance Portfolio to Dr. Kan. So, we 3 went to Liang Court Kinokuniya where they had a special sale for members at 20% discount and nearly went gila over the stationeries. 😀 Then, we went downstairs to Meidi-Ya Japanese supermarket to have a look around (Juls ended buying 2 bottles of sauce for sukiyaki) and it was Gelato time outside the supermarket. Yay! Evan had to leave earlier, leaving us to make our own way back to Clarke Quay Central where we went browsing and trying on clothes. Before we knew it, it was time to go back to school. After that, on the way home, Enx and I walked through Bugis Street where Enx meandered to the cart-stall selling crystal glass accessories where she took some time choosing 1 pendant and 3 pairs of ear accessories. How fun. I grew older by 1 day with each passing second she took… Lol!!!

I think that’s about it. 🙂

From tomorrow onwards, it’s full steam ahead for the final recital exam!!! Chiong-ah!!!

Minna-san, GAMBATTE!!! We can do it! Yattaaaaa…!!!


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