….work to do in two days…

remember what i wrote in my previous entry? about my clothes, my wardrobe, and my clothes in my wardrobe? well… i discovered an old pair of black jeans which i didn’t wear in many years. so, i tried in on only just this evening and it fit, not including the few struggles and wiggles i had to go through. anyway, it is now my pair of skinny jeans. hha! looks like i got a lot of work to do in two days in order to have it nicely worn on me. bleh. don’t understand? it’s okay ‘cos i don’t intend to have you understand what i’m saying. if you do, then, good for you! 😀

have been in a rhymning mode lately. here’s one i thought of when i was off to the toilet.

oh my gosh! i have to pee/ that’s the result of having too much tea.

hhahhahha!!! yeah. i know. i’m slightly off my rocker.

anyway, i’m going to watch Great Teacher Onizuka [GTO]. i highly recommend this to all teachers; past, present and going-to-be. just don’t mind the panty shots.


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