Still Living

Yes. I am still alive. It is just that nothing much happened during the past two weeks. Had lunch with the Gang on tuesday before two of the guys left yesterday for the orchestra’s Germany tour (!!!). Supposed to go out with Evan-chan today but she could not make it due to a last minute intervention by one of her subject teachers who decided to hold lessons today and tomorrow. How terrible. And we wanted to check out the PC Show at Suntec City!!! Damn. It started today and will end on Sunday. Dhav came over yesterday evening for a sleep-over and we wanted to have a drama/film marathon. Unfortunately, she fell asleep on my bed not even half way through the second film. Dots. Hence, I watched it alone and slept on the floor with a huge cushion and a towel blanket while she had the luxury of my bed and bolster. Somehow, I did not sleep much even though I often napped on the floor. Oh well…

What did we watch? 1. GTO Live Action and 2. Swing Girls. Yayyy! I like Swing Girls. Hopefully, I will be able to start a big band in KC one day. Yes. It is a dream. I shall dream away…

It is now 8.30p.m but my eyelids are shutting down on their own. Incredible. I shall turn in at 10p.m so as to be fresh and alert tomorrow morning during my third driving lesson. Yup. Already the third lesson and I hope I will not make any major mistakes unlike the last week which resulted in a very grumpy me after the lesson. Not that Uncle Tan scolded me or anything like that. I ought to get off my high horse and lower my self expectations. Yes, I know. It is shocking. Marie have ‘self expectations’. Get over it.

Baka Neko is in Batam for a church retreat. Juls is busy practicing on her piano. Char… what is Char doing??? Only Dummer knows. Wonder when will the Gang ever get together again.

Food for thought: God is always faithful to us. It is us who are not always faithful to Him.


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