Angry, Annoyed and Aching

I’m both angry, annoyed and aching.

The first matter. I spent 4 years of my life at X School and I was looking forward to spending another 4 weeks at X School. I attended the Induction programme yesterday morning where I found out a mistake regarding my specialized subject; it’s supposed to be Music but the details X received was Art. Alright. I had it corrected by ringing up the Source when I got home. And the Source later called me in the evening that they had corrected the mistake by faxing the correct details to X. I called X in the morning and, yes, they received the fax and had passed it to the person-in-charge. All was well. Or so I thought. I received a call from the Source in the late afternoon, telling me that I had been transfered to Y School because X School couldn’t accomodate me. WTH!!! “Why not? There’s another girl from the Bach. prog. during music too!”, I asked and the Source replied, “Oh! Because she’s there only for observation but not for teaching, and you will be doing some teaching in the later half…” What the … … Complete dots. And so, there goes my dream of being back at X School. As the saying goes, ‘Never count your chickens until they hatch’.  Looks like I got to ring up Y School tomorrow morning and hopefully be able to go down and meet the In-Charge of pract. there. Got to go do my homework; like how to get to the school which I found out requires 2 buses to get to it’s doorstep, who’s the principal and vice-principal, what’s the addy and telephone number, etc. And school’s starting on monday. 3 days to go!!! How annoying. Gah…

The second. My left thigh muscle is aching, or sore. It maybe due to putting too much stress on it while using the clutch pedal. Blah. Uncle Tan wasn’t in Sg today and so, Mr. So-and-so took over and he sure do know how to waste time. My time. Horrible thing. I hope he won’t teach me again.

Going out with the girls tomorrow. God only knows when we will meet again. Most probably after the four weeks of S.E. Sigh.

Yawn. I’m sleepy. And where is Baka Neko? Is she finally back home from M’sia?


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