Y School Experience

I was supposed to blog about my first day at Y School yesterday evening. Unfortunately, I fell asleep before I could do so as I was exceptionally tired by two points: 1. I woke up really early and, 2. there is something about schools that makes the place so hot and humid that it drains the being. So far, I found one person who agrees with me on the second point. Well, let me try to recall what happened yesterday. Ahh yes…

My pair of black flats did a reverse-crocodile when I was walking to the bus stop yesterday morning. How unlucky. And so, I was physically dragging my heels when we, the newbies, were given a tour of the school building after the morning assembly which we were introduced to all. Once it was free time, I quickly went to the stationery store to buy some strong glue. Sadly, when I got there, the cupboard was, metaphorically, bare i.e. the store was not opened. Hence, I went to the General Office to ask the Indian Lady there as to the opening time of the store and when I told her my problem with my shoes, she quickly offered to lend me a pair after finding out my shoe size as she happened to have another pair of sandals with her. Heaven be praised! And so, I was “saved”. I have yet to thank her properly. Must do it soon. Anyway, I observed one lesson that day with a music teacher whom I supposed is my C.T. I felt quite strange when she asked me to share with the class about the O’Level music programme I took up years ago. In fact, I was helping to promote the programme. Yay. I had very much plonked myself down on the sofa in the teachers’ lounge (???) for most of the morning before I was introduced to the other music teacher in the other staffroom who had an empty table besides her. Yay!!! I had a table! 😀

Moving on to today’s events… I had quite a lazy morning without any classes to sit in. Thus, I went walking around with another trainee teacher and a relief teacher. Oh! I moved into my space/desk today! Hee!!! I had another sit-in/observation lesson with my C.T this afternoon where I helped out in walking around when the kids had to practice their basic keyboard skills on the electric keyboards. It was interesting. Oh! The school’s programme is to let all students be able to play basic songs on the keyboard and, of course, be able to read music. This is something one do not see that often. Because the class was rather rowdy, C.T so-called punished them by extending their lesson time by 15mins. Not to worry. Their lesson was the last one for the day. After that, it was another induction for us newbies at 2.45pm. It was supposed to end at 4.35pm but it was delayed/prolonged till 5pm. The teachers had much to talk/share with us. Yawn…

I will be having quite a pack day tomorrow morning. Lucky girls of Y School… They do not need to come to school until 8am unlike us teachers who must be in at about the usual time of 7.20am. Yawn.

Right. I have to organise abit of things around… Good night! 


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