Something Funny

Something that I found funny happened on Friday afternoon after lunch as WeiJun and I were walking up the stairs to the Staffroom to collect our bags before going home. Like I said, we were walking up the stairs as a group of girls were walking down and they greeted us, “Good morning, teachers”. I continued up the stairs and, just to make sure, I checked my watch before replying, ” Good afternoon, girls”. Yes. With special emphasis on ‘afternoon’. WeiJun later suggested that the girls were probably “programed” to greet all teachers with “good morning”. Well, we knew it was not so. They were just too used to using that greeting and absent-mindedly used it. Lol!

Well, a new week begins soon and I will meet the other music teacher who was on M.C last week. Well, I hope I will be able to learn more this week. Yawnz… Ought to turn in soon. But I want to watch ‘Pushing Daisies’ on Channel 5. Hmmm.  


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