3rd Week of S.E

Time really flies. Most likely with huge white wings like a swan. It flies especially fast when one is living day to day and enjoying it instead of dreading and hoping for the week to draw to a close.

As for me, I enjoy being in school (as a teacher) and interacting with those young minds who some think it totally uncool to be spontaneous and join in class discussions opened up by the teacher. How annoying. However, there are some who do answer the teacher’s questions with their crazy opinions. This is the class that I like. Yes. I prefer interaction a.k.a crazy answers rather than talking to the cold air-conditioned air.

Classes A & Z are totally opposite. Class A is the better class where 80% read and play music whereas 80% of Class Z do not play music at home i.e. no musical background. Guess which of the two classes is the ‘lively and open to disscussions’-type and which is the ‘talking to thin air’-type.

The truth is I feel happy when my students are happy. I feel even happier when they answer my questions, be it wrong or crazily-wrong. I do not care as long as they answer me as it shows that they can think and they are not afraid of being heard. Especially when they like to sing. Yayyy!!! We did some singing in class on Friday. 😀 Unfortunately, I obviously feel sad disheartened when they do not respond to my questions. Makes me feel like throttling them… Oh well… It is another lesson about human beings of Sunny Island.

My NSC will be coming in for a formal observation in the afternoon. Thank goodness I had review my lesson plans and such this morning. Hope it will be alright.

Last thursday was the Feast of Y School’s patron saint. Hence, there was a Mass held in the school hall after morning assembly. The homily was about Peace as the celebrant hoped that the students will find peace within themselves so as to make the world a peaceful place. Peace.

I spent quite a lot of $$$ on Sunday afternoon. I bought for myself a Sony Picture Station. 😀 It was a steal. 😀 And I will not delve further into it. Instead, I am going to sleep. Good night. 

[I too dread waking up so early in the morning. Looking forward to long hours of sleep over the weekend.]


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