A New Chapter Begins…

18th July 2008, Friday

Four weeks had gone by in a twinkling of an eye leaving me with mixed emotions. On one hand, I am happy that I will not have to wake up at 5.40a.m each week day in order to be early for school a.k.a I get to sleep for another hour. On the other hand, the other school is in the west, hence, I will have to spend about an hour of public transportation to get there. Pros and cons, pros and cons.

I will definitely not only miss the teachers there whom I got to learn from (it was a really an enriching experience, getting to tap onto their vast knowledge of how to handle teenage girls), but also those same young ladies (who can surely drive one up the wall with either their endless chatter or wisecracks, or both) whose names I started to remember only in the fourth and last week of this S.E. Sad but true, is it not? I said my good-byes yesterday afternoon, thanking the teachers for what they had done for me, packed my stuff and left. I will also miss my desk in that ultra new and ultra cold staff room. When I am less lazy, I will put up a photo of my very spacious desk. Hee! 😀 

And so, a new chapter of my life story begins today when I had to travel west to register and get the Orientation freebies there. 😛 Neko, ZQ and myself went to check out the new foodcourt which replaced the canteen across the road. The food was alright and the pricing was not very pricy. It depended very much on what one wants to eat. And that was the foodcourt on the third level (?). The level below it, as one comes up the steps after alighting at the service no. 179 bus stop or the level one will see if one is walking on the bridge from the other side, serves mostly fastfood even though there is a famous sushi joint there. Well, it looks like I will have to tighten my belt and purse whenever I want to have a meal at that place as my pay is not in yet. Sad. Speaking of which, I had to open a local bank account in order for my future pay to be credited as the original account that I gave to the ‘paymasters’ was not accepted. Maybe it was because it was a so-called foreign bank account. Bleh… Looks like Char and Neko finally got their wish after having to nag me about it for the past three years. …-.-“… So, I emailed the new details to the ‘paymasters’ and I do hope it will work. Blah. Annoying. After much thought, Mum and I assumed that it may be easier on their end when crediting all of our pays into the local banks’ networks like the CPF and such. Maybe. Who knows?

Right. I am now going to get some things done like changing my new network password. 😀



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