Still Living and Breathing

I’ve been badgered to update and so, I will *glares at that stupid evil cat*.

Enx, myself and Char (+Dummers) went to watch Turandot yesterday evening at the Esplanade Theatre and I say, it was my first time on that side of Esplanade and we were seated high up in the 3rd Circle. The theatre is very much like the concert hall except for the stage and theatrical lightings. Well, as for the show, for my first ‘live’ opera, it was highly interesting and enjoyable, thus I didn’t fall asleep. Haha! I admit that I’m quite horrid. However, guess who did doze off during Calaf’s monologue? It was Little Enx. Tsk tsk… Haha! Oh well, can’t blame her ‘cos I too  did want to nap for a few minutes during the slower parts. What I can say is that I’m rather proud of the NAFA music people for working hard in the chorus these past 2 months. Good job guys!

And I’m so, so tired now. Yawnzzz… I’m now in the library, trying to get that e-learning work done but simply can’t. And my next lesson is in less than half-hour’s time. Darn.

Right then. I’m still living and breathing. And being swarmed by tonnes of assignments. Gosh!

Wish me well that I’ll survive this onslaught. 😀


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