Summari des’

Here’s a summary…

Went out with my bestie (and her boyfriend, and her mum) on Friday last. Didn’t expect her mum to be with us. -.-… Anyway, because of her mum (and thanks to her), all of us, especially for her boyfriend and me as it’s our first time, went up to the 72nd floor of the Swissotel at City Hall for High Tea (her mum paid for all of us) and I tell you, the view was AMAZING. Even the ladies/toilet is amazing. Unfortunately, lazy me hasn’t transfered the photos taken up there from my mobilephone to my lappy. 😛 Hope to remember to put up those photos soon. Hee! 😀 Oh! Made three one-stop trips by MRT that day. dots.

Celebrated me dad’s birthday yesterday evening at our favourite family restaurant at East Coast Road. Coincidentally, the colours my family wore were very much in sync. Mum and Dad wore red tops, while Kor and I wore blue OP tees. Talk about psychic. Lol! 🙂 My little koala bear had dinner with us but not her brother as he went out with his mummy. Little koala bear was rather grouchy yesterday, refused to let anyone carry her and stuck to her original gum tree. It was only at the end when we were at the carpark that she let me carry her. Awww… my little koala bear. Kawaii… *-.-*

Currently “gobbling” up Nodame Cantabile on even though I’m supposed to be working on Ed. Psy. assignments. Tsk tsk tsk… Haha!

Ja ne~!


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