Photos from the 72nd Floor

O.K. Here are the photos that I was talking about just now. Yes. Finally got around to uploading them. Haha!

First up… deserts! Aren’t they pretty???












Another… from the ladies! Yes. I had to take photos from inside because it’s really pretty. Not another word.




















From outside the ladies… The smoking lounge. The interior is kind of like an outdoor spa. Lol.















Isn’t this cool or what? There were three of such cases but each case cotained different bottles of alcohol. Can get drunk just by looking at these…












Next… views from the 72nd floor!!! Lovely! So postcard-perfect! *Thick skin…*


















Anyway, I had just finished watching Nodame Cantabile (Anime) Season 1. Looking forward to the second season. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Photos from the 72nd Floor

  1. oh yesss. the ladies is so class-ed!!
    i fell in love with it the first time i went up there for high tea too. breath-taking view seriously. =)

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