(Evil) Nari is Back

Ahhh… At last… I can finally breathe a huge sigh of release… The important stuff are finally over and now, heehee… I can play!!! You mean, you can play even more???  … Wait a minute. … WT-!!! When did you return??? I thought you were gone, months ago!!! Well, darling, you thought wrong. I’m always here. Always beside you… Muahahhahahahaha…!!! And so, since you say that I have return, then, yes, I have return. So, welcome me back into your arms. Muahahaahahah…!!!

Now move over ‘cos I’m taking from here. Hey!!! *aMrie has been shoved aside by her evil self*

Ahhh… It’s good to be “back”, as she puts it. Anyway, here’s a little update. Let’s see… Hmmm… Wednesday past was an interesting day as the lovely people of DSI 232 rolled out their first songs. Three splendid little bands performed and I say, they have talent. Yayayyyyyy…!!! Why is SOMEONE being so sickenly sweet here??? Two words for you. SHUT. UP. As I was saying, you rock people!!! Please come to me. I can be your manager(s) anytime. Hahaahahaa…! And she will take a commission on 70% from your albums’ takings. I will not be that greedy. I will only take 60%. Heehee! See… I told you so. Anyway, stop horsing around, you silly mare. *Nari has been kicked out of the room with the door slammed shut behind her*

To read more, take a look at Enx’s blog. Right. My highlight this week, besides the assignments’ due dates and the performances, The Gangsters finally had a reunion dinner together yesterday night! Yayyy!!! It has been a really long time since we last met up as a group. Anyway, we dined at The Cathay Chinese Restaurant, level 2 of The Cathay. The girls paid for the boys’ dinner as a belated birthday treat. No sincereity! Hey! You are supposed to outside! And.. SHUT UP!!! Like hell I will! And no swearing!!! Haha!!! Just ignore that psycho. As I was saying, we decided on that as the four of us could not find any suitable presents for them. So there. It was really good to see them again now that the Twins are in army. O gosh. Ah-boy seriously needs some skin whitening treatment. He is so… Ewww… Better way of putting such crude speech, I am so not used to seeing Ah-boy this tanned before. He looked like he was – Chared. Oi! Stop interuppting me. Yes. He looked terribly different. Baka Neko burst out laughing like the idiot that she is when she saw Ah-boy from afar. How evil.. Tut tut.. I’m way better than her. As for Look, I think he looked quite alright. At least better than Ah-boy, as in, he looked almost the same as usual. O! One conclusion: they are still (in)sanely alright. Lol! Right. Got to wait for ZQ to send the photos we took last night over. Such an Ah-Gong. For once, I agree with you. So slow… QUICK!


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