Of Beaches and Nasi Lemak


I had finally satisfied that craving after five years!!! Five long years mind you. I had somehow pestered my dad to drive all the way to Changi Village over those years since my first taste of it. And today, we did! ūüėÄ

Ahhh… That plate of nasi lemak ayam from Changi Village was so satisfying. And the price is good too. As compared to the other nasi lemak stalls that were selling $3 for a plate with a piece of fried chicken wing, this stall sells a plate at $0.50 cheaper, at $2.50! What is more, this stall is also recommended by the one and only Makansutra of Singapore!!! I can not tell you why it is so satisfying or else the surprise will be over. You¬†will have to try it for yourself. Heehee…!!! Photos below.

Said nasi lemak (goreng) ayam (Oops! I took a mouthful before taking this shot. My bad. LoL.)


Next: the stall at the hawker centre (See that, see that?! Recommended by Makansutra! :D)


I was wondering how on earth my brother knew about the nasi lemak at Changi Village when the answer hit me- he was posted to an army camp near there years ago. Right. -.-”

Anyway, my parents and I did a bit of travelling/driving around the eastern tip of Singapore last thursday when we went to Pasir Ris Downtown East to eat the chicken rice at the foodcourt there, and today, when we travelled to Changi Village for the nasi lemak.

Sadly, the chicken rice stall at Downtown East is no longer helmed by the famous ex-chef of The Mandarin Hotel’s Chatterbox. The new stall owners took over from him about six months ago. Most sad for my mum who was craving for that man’s chicken rice since he left the Chatterbox which sells $20 (or there about) a plate. However, thankfully, I did get to try the chef’s dish one year ago when my pals and I were in the area a.k.a playing at the theme park, and I remembered then that it was really good. For me to¬†compare the two stalls’ plates of chicken rice will be difficult as I had already forgotten how the previous one tasted like. But the new stall is worth eating at especially if there are three and more in a group for I suggest that you get half a chicken ($11) and how many plates of rice you want as it is more economical than getting a set meal which is priced at $5. The meat is both cooly tender and juicy, the rice is fragrant, the cabbage soup is tasty and the chilli is nicely hot. It was worth the drive there.

After that satisfying lunch, we took a drive to the nearby Pasir Ris beach which was not exactly near is terms of time as we missed the turn off and went to the end of the road before turning back and finally turning into the right place. It had certainly been a while since I was last there and I was somehow reminising that particular time when the gang had a little¬†vacation at the nearby chalet and¬†celebrating a¬†certain somebody’s birthday where the said person put a ball in side¬†said person’s tee and pretended to be pregnant. !!!. Later in the evening,¬†said person went to dance on the DDR machine at the chalet’s arcade room and then scored full points¬†where all present were surprised and amazed at said person’s hidden talent.¬†Right. I hope those reading this will know who is this ‘said person’ and that the ‘said person’ knows who I am talking about as I do not want to post that incrimidating photo here, right, ‘said person’? Muahahaha…!!! I do not think Neko will remember much of this episode simply because… SHE WENT HOME BEFORE IT HAPPENED. Wahahahahaha…! Anyway, it was¬†wonderfully¬†hilarious!!! Ahh, that one time¬†spent at Pasir Ris beach. Haha.

And so, I went to Changi Village today with my parents to lunch on nasi lemak ayam. After that, it was to the nearby Changi beach. And do you know… it was my first time¬†to Changi beach! Yup. My first time to Changi beach. Is it that unbelivable? I think it is. In all my years and I had never been to Changi beach till today. What is more, that beach is closer to where I live as compare to, say, Sembawang beach where I had been to twice, or West Coast beach where I do not even know exactly where. So you see, I think I am quite pathetic in a way. Bleh. What I did at the beach was to look for nice sea shells and I did find some interesting ones. Yup. That is what I do whenever I go to a beach. It is very common, right?


3 thoughts on “Of Beaches and Nasi Lemak

  1. Of cos i rmb who is that person, my dear orangutan. Im sure the rest rmb too! Our gangster gatherings are unforgettable experiences! =D

  2. lol!!!

    yesyes! every single one of those gatherings are truly unforgettable. looking forward to our next one.


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