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WordPress(C) has a new dashboard layout!!! I was near confusion when I came here. I am still trying to get around, hopefully it will not be long before I get used to it. Lol.

G*SL service project last week was definitely draining for one very simple reason. I volunteered to be a facilitator on the first day due to lack of facilitators. -.-” I know. There is a reason as to why I did not want to volunteer during one of the meetings months ago. It was because I knew that being a facilitator meant that I probably had to play the games with my team, hence, getting myself all soaked with perspiration. Ewww… But I did it anyway . What was more, there were only three children in my team and another two others whereas, there were about four t0 five children in each of the other teams. And so, I played with them. Boy, was I so exhausted that I promptly fell asleep when my head touched my pillow. Zzzzzz… That was the first day.

On the second day, the first activity was a rather messy one. We had some sort of art activity where we had to make use of whatever the organizers put out for each team and come up with a sort-of sculpture. It got messier towards the end when we had to paint our space craft. Yeh. We did a space craft and its colours were red and blue. Despite the few members in my team, those children did well by coming in third place for the Speech & Drama segment. Yay! After that, I sort-of took a rest from the physical games i.e. outdoor telematch. Instead, I watched them play, and where needed, did my part. Other than that, I was enjoying myself in the air conditioned room that was part of the student service centre.  We had fun.  At the end, each team went home with a prize and certificate for their participation in this two-day day camp. Yawn… However, I did not go home straight away as I met Evan and Wen at Orchard to get Lisaa her birthday present. I hope that she will NEVER lose the necklace. Gosh. That girl scares me sometimes.

Friday that week was a wet one. Evan and I went to get Lisaa’s birthday cake from this place at Dhoby Ghaut Exchange called ‘P.Osh’. It is more of a brownie shop, rather than a cake shop. They do personalized brownies and brownies pieced together to form a square cake. Anyway, I like the brownies there as it is not the overly sweet type. Just nice for my taste buds. As I was saying, it was pouring that friday, causing traffic to slow, causing the two of us to be late for our dinner date with the other girls at this pub, ‘Blu Jaz’ @ 11 Bali Lane, near Golden Landmark Building, in the Bugis area. ‘Blu Jaz’ is a pub in a 3-level shophouse and where the third floor is the only air conditioned place there. The pricings for both the food and drinks are well within anyone’s budget, between $7-$19 for food and $9-20+ for drinks. It sure is a great place to eat, drink and be merry. Sadly, there were not much space on the third floor, relegating six young ladies to eat at the bar counter, thus making communication between the two ends rather difficult. We were all out to embarress Lisaa when we sang the birthday song so loudly but did not expect the other customers present to join in the singing too. 😀  Had a glass of Brandy Alexander with Evan. It was really interesting. Hard to explain the taste. I will definitely be back there to try out the rest of the drinks menu. Lol!

Right. I am off to watch my anime. Ja-ne!


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