Soon to be: Back to School

It will soon be back to school for us trainees and most of us have yet to register our courses. In fact, we missed the dateline given (I was not in when the announcement came online). So, many of us are without personalized timetables. Oh well. We will have to do it in person at the office.

Here is a little account of how I spent the first few days of the new year.

3rd & 4th Jan. – Nothing much happened.

2nd Jan. – Went to JB with my mum to catch the Great Malaysian Sale before it ends on the 4th. I did not spend much. Bought myself a pair of white canvas shoes which I call it my multi-purpose pair. RM29.99 for this pair of Badminton Masters from Bata. Also bought the December issue of National Geographic at RM14.50  which my dad is happily digesting the article on King Herod (the Great who suffered terribly before he died) of Israel.

I must say that the new customs complex at JB is huge. So huge that it takes about minumum 15 minutes to get from the bus arrival bay through the immigration hall to the exit of the spanking new futuristic building. Like my mum remarked, “Make us walk so much when we’ll be walking even more (at the shopping centres)”. What a turn off. Sheesh. !!!

1st Jan. –  Helped my mum with the rempah for the Mee Siam my brother requested as he and his family were coming over for lunch. It had been ages since we last ate my mum’s Mee Siam. Sedap!!! Was totally tired out by the end of the day thanks to my active little nephew. Well, I had better treasure it or else I would miss looking after him when he was this age. Sigh.


The last day of the year 2008 was spent in the company of my best friend who ditched her boyfriend for me (awwww!!! I’m so touched!!!). We had lunch at Raffles City’s Shokudo before walking to Bras Basah and then Bugis where we basically did major window-shopping. Dinner was with my parents at home (since I invited her) with steamboat!!! Yayyy!!! I love having steamboat. It is so easy. Just dump everything into a pot … (sounds a bit like stew)… but there are tonnes to prepare. Oh well. I just like it. 😀


I am currently feeling lazy to write more. Hence the summaries of all the accounts. Yawn. And I feel that my sentences are getting more disjointed. Oh well. I better go sleep real soon before my eyes close on me by their own will or is it against my will…? ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz…


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