Quick Update

I am feeling slightly happy today because of two reasons.

1. I had sushi (buffet) at the Sakae Sushi branch at NTU. [Like, FINALLY! After so many months since I stepped into the NTU area. :P] And Enx was acting so strangely throughout our meal. O! I better go check her blog for any unglam photos she put up of me and Char. You can never know how evil she can be…

2. Enx and I took a trip to the NTU library [first time there!] and used the internet connection there. And… Enx went (camera) trigger happy in there. My gosh! I totally ignored her.

Right now, Char is over at my house to do some pair work for the Communication Skills module. And she is currently happily playing with my mobile phone and being amused by its sounds. I hope it is in good working order after its misstreatment by Ms. Goh. We better start on it soon.

O! I now remember another reason as to why I am feeling slightly happy. It is because I finally watched the last Prince of Tennis OVA. OVA 26!!! Yayyy!!! The episode was so exciting! I feel like reading the manga now. Teehee.


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