Updated ver.2: 21st: The Wishlist

1 is the MOST wanted. 2 and 3 are the MOST needed. Nos. 4 to 11 are NOT-really-important-but-like-to-have items.
1. Vol. 1 – 7 of Tintin 3-in-1 comics. Easily found at Popular bookstores. You know it when you see it. 

2. Ipod suitable earphones. Colour: preferably blue, silver or white. Thanks Char for getting this for me! 

3. Logitech Optical Mouse (small) Thanks LH for getting this for me!

4. Muji’s slim and clear paper perforater a.k.a paper punch, the type that can be kept in a ring file. Or something similar. Thanks Juls for getting this for me!

 5. Those lovely Tintin wall tiles (decorations). Last seen at Chinatown in a street stall.

6. PSP slim Garskin black-and-white floral design. Last seen at Sony shops.

7. Kimidolls products. Cute Japanese kimono-clad wooden dolls. Last seen at Precious Moments (??? or is it Precious Thoughts??? Precious Thots??? aiya! you get the idea where) shops.

8. Forever Friends mousepad with attached wrist rest. The green one looks nicer than the yellow. The blue one seems too weird for me to own. Thanks Enx for getting this for me!

9. Striped brown Commodite bag. Last seen at Robinson’s. Thanks Evan for getting this for me!

10. Japanese wines i.e. sake & sho-chu. Preferably light in taste.  Choya wines are most welcomed. Or any type of wines.

11. Those lovely paper Stacks (in stacks of 48pages) from that lovely scrape-booking shop at Plaza Singapura called ‘Made With Love’. Note: I got for myself the ‘Oriental’ stack. 

P.S: Please inform me by leaving a Comment or SMS if you intend to get any of the above so that there will not be doubles of the same item given. “Waste not, want not.”

P.P.S: Please check back once a while just in case I change my mind about something or I update it.

Thanks and really looking forward to seeing you on the 1st. 😀


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