21st Birthday Celebration

Happy. Tired. Happy and tired. Happy but tired. Or just plain HappyTired. 😀

And so, many heartfelt thanks to so many people for their gifts, messages, well-wishes, ang-pows and presence today, the 1st of March, Sunday.

To Enx: Thanks for the Forever Friends mousepad & detachable wristrest which I am using now, the Kimidoll Keychain(YES!!!) and the personalized card which colour matches the mousepad.

from Enx 







To Jwen, Joby, EvanW, Dora, YanQiu, Juls: Thanks for the bag, the mug, the gigantic pen, the cash book, the small sticky notes, the message sets and the pop-up card.from a group of girls







To Char and her dum-dum: Thanks for the earphones, the hairclips, the pouch, the piece of art done on that small piece of sticky note paper, and the card.

from Char & Dummer








To LH: Thanks for the LogiTech Mouse. I am using it now!!!

from LH








To WX & Luke: Thanks for Tintin Vol. 7!!!

from WX & Luke












To Sally: Thanks for the M.E.L. accessories. They are so pretty!

from Sally1







A closer look…

from Sally2








To Evan-chan: Thanks for the bag and the ForeverFriends card. 🙂







To Jas, Liwen & Lisaaa: Thanks for the bottle of wine, the cute photo frame and the name-thing.




















Oh oh!!! To Julia-chan: Thanks for the MUJI Paper perforater. 🙂









To all who had sent cards and notes… THANKS!!!

Especially to Manda who sent a card all the way from the UK and to Aunt Kathy who sent hers from Australia.


Cards and notes from them…

[top row L to R] Da-sao (little note), Jwen (+Joby, EvanW,Juls,Dora,YQ) (rectangular bear card), Jas (colourful note paper).

[middle row L to R] Sally (blue card), Aunt Kathy (with the star in the middle), Char + Dummer (some painting)

[bottom row L to R] Manda (card with BIG BIG 21), Enx (green card), Evan (ForeverFriends), Aunt Molly and Uncle Jerome (the keyboard and rose)

I have uploaded more photos on Facebook. So, if you do have an account there, please take a look.

Once again, to everyone for all their wishes, THANK YOU!!!


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