Lots of Updates!!! Sumimasen!!!

Ahhhhh!!! Sumimasen!!!

So many things had happened in the past few weeks and I was purely lazy to write any of those. So, I shall make it up by giving…

Summaries!!! Yayyy!!! πŸ˜€

Let’s start with today, 18th March 2009, Wed…
Shopping with my mother at the OG Orchard Point Preview Sale. It was a long queue to enter and a long queue to pay at the cashier’s. But it was at the cashier’s that took the most time, about more than an hour of waiting. Anyway, I spent mostly on clothes (3 blouses – 2 from Dorothy Perkins and 1 from Joanna Miller) and Meiji snacks. Mum spent lots on health supplements. We finally went to lunch at almost 4pm. Lunch… Lol! Good buys good buys. πŸ™‚

Yesterday, 17th March, Tuesday… Nothing much. Just lazed at home and did up the presents for two little girlies whose birthdays are coming up next week. πŸ™‚

16th March, Mon… Taught/prepared my student for her practical exam today. Then met dear Char at City Hall. Bought a pair of black shoes from Robinsons while waiting for her as the pair I was wearing were soaking wet due to the downpour outside. Had lunch at the Japanese Marche-concept-like Shokudo at about 2.30pm. After that, it was a long time window-shopping which finally ended at 5.25pm at Marina Square’s Koichi Restaurant where we spied the banner with the $6.50 set meal ending at 5.30pm. So, we rushed in. Lol!!! The set meals there are worth the $$$. We took a little walk around before meeting Juls at MOF-My Izukaya where the birthday month girls; Juls & I, got our complimentary deserts. πŸ˜€ After dinner, it was a rush to Esplanade to catch the opera “Offenbach’s Les Contes d’Hoffmann” @8pm which our dear friend Jose was singing in as part of the chorus. πŸ˜€ The opera was highly … interesting … in all sense of the word. Since it was the first time I watched this story, the plot seemed rather sadistic and … not-exciting *thanks Char for contributing a word*. Maybe it was because of the artistic director’s artistic directing and the fact that the subtitles were … !”Β£$%^&*(:@%@:’;!!! The opera finally ended at 11.15pm, after 2 intervals, and we finally got to the busstop at 11.40pm with worried thoughts that we would miss the last bus(es) home. It was not a full house but the performers gave their all. Somehow, I (once again) was awed by the beauty of the human voice, that is so versatile and so stretchable.

14th March, Sat… Went to the IT Show with my brother with the intention of getting our laptops’ RAM upgraded. My brother got his (2 pcs for $36) as for mine, we agreed that it was more worth our $$$ if we got the $799 Acer Aspire laptop instead of the RAM cards (2pcs for $96). So, yes, I got myself a new laptop which I am using now and I have no intention of getting rid of the old one, unless someone wants to buy it off me for $100. It (the old Acer Travelmate 15+”) is still in good working condition, almost 4years old (bought in June 2005). For more details, ‘comment’ me please. Yes, as I was saying about the IT Show at Suntec City Convention. It was PACKED. Everyone were like little sardines packed in the three levels of cans. And the escalators were not in good working condition. I mean, there were so many people using the escalators and they had to repair one during that time. Why, of all times, must they choose to do it then??? Anyway, it was over. We went, we saw, we bought, we went home.

12th & 13th March, Thurs & Fri… Only 3 of us in the staff office. So … !!! The permanent staff had to attend some workshop for 2 whole days while the students were put at home for their e-learning. And we trainees had to report and leave at the usual times of 7.30pm and 2.30pm. Yawn… Nothing to do except to plan lessons and watch videos online, which I am guilty of 99% of the time. πŸ˜›

9th – 11th March, Mon – wed… First time meeting the some of the classes proper. Did some minor invigilating i.e. invigilate the students who were absent for their actual tests previously in class at the back of the room while my CT was teaching the rest. And then, the usual classroom management…

2nd – 6th March, Mon – fri… Major music test invigilations. Done in their respective classrooms. Just walked up and down, answered some queries and then, it was time to marked those scripts which was fun at first. It later changed to a different kind of emotion. -.-…

27th Feb, Fri… Foundress’ Day for the School so, no lessons plus it was a half day for them and makan for the staff. πŸ™‚ There was a mass in celebration of the foundress in the morning followed by a concert-like thing for the upper secondary in the hall where we watched the VP dancing with both the students and staff. Quite hilarious. πŸ˜€ Enjoyed the music. Went home to change and rest a bit before heading out to meet Baka Neko at Plaza Singapura to look for stuff to match our costume for Juls’ birthday party that night. Took the MRT to Pasir Ris where we waited for Char and her parents to pick us up just to get to that Country Club where Juls held her party. We were dressed like witches; head to toe black with pointed hats. Haha! Got home before the clock struck midnight. Lol.

24th – 26th Feb, Tues – Thurs… CA week for the students. Settling down for us trainees.

24th, tues… The P and the VP met us and had a good round-table talk with us. Was rather scary. :S

23rd Feb, Mon… Don’t remember whether I posted anything for this day but I will just post something about it. One whole day of Inductions where various senior colleagues came to address different issues with us newbies. It was talk after talk after talk including a get-to-know-you session and a tour of the school.

So, that is about it. πŸ˜€ Till next time!!!


One thought on “Lots of Updates!!! Sumimasen!!!

  1. i know what you can do with your old laptop! u can go to sim lim square and sell it. you might get a good rate because your battery is working fine. πŸ™‚

    i went to the IT show too! Man, it was really really reallllly crowded!

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