My Timetable a.k.a Rant

My Timetable.

I somehow love it yet hate it. Why, you ask? Let me share with you the positive side. I do not have any lesson on Wednesdays. Of the other four days, three days, namely Monday, Thursday and Friday, I have only a lesson on each of those days. As for the remaining day i.e. Tuesday, which is the negative side, I hate it like hell. And it is like hell. Five classes in a row, fifty-five minutes each class, from 9.35am to 2.10pm, a total of four hours and thirty-five minutes. I armed myself with a big bottle of water and a dour face as time passed by.

However, I ought to feel grateful, and thankful, that my other workdays are more heavenly as compared to that one day.  Thus, I am grateful and thankful that I get to enjoy and seat at my desk instead of facing class after class of very chatty girls. Now I know how my teachers felt when I was in school. Some call it karma and, yes, what goes around does come around, like a boomerang.


6 thoughts on “My Timetable a.k.a Rant

  1. how many periods of lesson do you have per week??

    my thursday is like your tuesday! i have 5 periods in a row too! but mine is 35 mins per lesson, 10 mins lesser than yours. haha

  2. 10mins lesser than me???

    it’s 20mins lah! my 1 lesson is 55mins. looks like baka neko wasn’t paying attention to what she read.

    8 classes x 2periods = 16 periods.

  3. Haha I have the EXACT same timetable like yours. My Tuesday is PACKED with 5 lessons in a row too. SHACKS.

    Anyways, it’s worse cause I have to teach extras for some weeks cause I am teaching the entire Sec 1 and 2 cohort. Once I start a cycle, I have to finish the cycle or some poor classes will miss my interesting lessons =P

    Aka 28 periods

    Well Gambatte!

  4. What? Julia 28periods? And poor marie, all 5periods without any break? How abt lunch then?!

    Ive 18 periods wkly.. And worst day is.. Monday! 6Periods of 30mins! The other days are alright though 🙂

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