Henderson Waves Hike

The three of us took a hike up the Marang Trail to the Henderson Waves and I tell you that before we got to our destination, I melted. Aargh! The heat and humidity was unbearable. Not only that, we were going against gravity; going up and up and up till about seven kilometres above sea level. There were so many steps up on that trail. Tiring. We took about forty minutes to get up there by the long way which started at the carpark opposite Vivocity, and about a quarter of that time to get down. Thanks to Baka Neko, we went down another way and ended up at Telok Blangah Way which was definitely and entirely different from where we started off. Anyway, no harm was done, we took the public bus back to Vivocity. The view up on the bridge was not exactly breathtaking, it was rather … normal. The scenery could had been better if it was either much higher up or the trees’ tops were trimed. Basically, not very much of the southern islands and the straits could be seen. It was the exhausting journey there that was, well, more interesting. We breathed in the fresh air from the surrounding trees, infact, we lavished in it for our tired muscles. We had constant doubts about the way we were going and that certainly kept us in suspense. We saw new sights along the way including swimming pools which we desired to plunge into due to our hot walk. After getting to the top, we rested for a long while and cam-whored there on the bridge (we did the Shi Lian Pai or Ten Faces Poses). Lol!

Baka Neko tried to kidnap a little kid by being very sweet and friendly. She nearly succeeded in her evil plan but thanks to the foresight of the kid’s dad, she was stopped when the dad carried his little precious away from her malicious claws. Too bad, Baka Neko. Too bad. Muahahahahah!!! By the time we got down to the ground, the sun was already down and the lights were on, it was already half past seven and I was so tired and thirsty while the other two were more hungry. Hungry??? We went back to Vivocity and had dinner at Terra Cafe where I gave myself a well deserved treat of a refreshing glass of Lemonade. It was sour but, Oh! It was heavenly cold and just what I wanted. We had our meal and a bit of shopping and presto! It was time to go home. Yawn…

Night is when the F1 wannabe racers come out in the pretext of serving the community by being in the public transport line. I got home in half an hour even though I transferred to another bus one-third of the way home. Whatever it was, I got home early. So here I am, sitting at the computer typing and uploading the photos of today. What tomorrow has instore for me, that I do not know. All I know is that in the next half hour, i will be hitting the sack.

A few photos here. The rest can be found on my Facebook. 🙂





















































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