On Vacation

Right. I will be away from Singapore from today 6p.m. till some time next week. Will most likely be back by next tuesday as I am down for Band duty next wednesday. Must recharge my batteries before battling those little imps when school starts again. Not that I have not been recharging my batteries over the past few weeks. Tee hee… 

Details of my trip is something like this… 1. Travel by train to Kota Baru, Kelantan at 6p.m. from Tanjong Pagar Railway Station (first time on the Malaysian train!!!). 2. Stay and roam about Kota Baru and Kelantan for maybe 2-3 days. 3. Travel to Cameron Highlands via Ipoh. 4. Stay and roam about Cameron Highlands for maybe a day. 5. Travel to Taiping via Ipoh. 6. Stay and roam about Taiping for maybe a day. 7. Travel back to Ipoh. Stay and roam about  Ipoh for maybe a day. 8. Come home to Singapore from Ipoh by train.

Sounds exciting? Hahaha! It will be a so-called ‘father-daughther bonding’ trip. Just pray that the claws will not come out but I am positively sure the hackles will be raised more often than not during this week-long trip. The last time Dad and I took a trip together was way back in 2001 when we spent 3 weeks in New Zealand. So long ago… I MISS NEW ZEALAND!!! I WANT TO GO THERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, basically, please pray that nothing bad will happen to us both during this journey as we will be quite near the restive South Thailand and that EVERYTHING is alright back home in Singapore. And as usual, if there is anything important to tell me, please leave a message with my mother at my house number or else SMS me but do not expect a reply. It is one way only.

Right then. I better go check if there is anything else to bring along.

Will be back next week with lots of photos. 😀  Till then, Happy Summer Vacation!!! 


“Dear St. Christopher, patron saint of all travelers, please pray for me and all others making journeys to foreign lands that, with the Lord’s protection, we will be safe from harm and evil. Please also pray for us that the we will learn from the new lessons our Good Lord will teach us and that He will also enlighten our clouded minds during these journeys. Amen.”


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