Reviews: Transformers 2 & Ice Age 3

Monday past was a Youth Day holiday and it was the day I and Baka Neko finally went to watch Tranformers 2. FINALLY!!! After so many weeks since it came out in cinemas, *coughs coughs*, OKOK, it was only about two weeks, and many other delays and time-clashes, we went to watch it at the 5.45p.m. screening. From rows A to G, they were completely empty, not only that, the cinema hall was about four-fifths  empty. It was… quite romantic actually. Lol! Like we were the only two in there, but then again, we were so engrossed with the film to realise any other people around. The film was totally amazing. *revered silence* In fact, it was so awesome that I was sort of blown away. The details were so … detailed (laughs) especially in the beginning scenes where the Autobots were transforming into their real identities to fight the Decepticons. Every little part and mechanism was seen in a close up. It was so … real. *revered silence, again* Oh. I forgot to mention that those cars featured were so … awesome. *revered silence again for the third time*

Sadly, I felt that the story plot was rather weak; it was generally along the line of … !!!spoilers alert!!! the Decepticons looking for a sacred thing called the Matrix to power up their sun-feeding/destroying-machine on Earth and how the human hero Sam got involved, again, when he accidentally touched a splinter of the sort of destroyed Cube and received a whole lot of strange words whirling in his head that the enemies need in order to find the Matrix. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen can be generally said to be an action-packed race around the world colliding with machinery. The only good points this films have is that there are a lot of sacrifices being made for the greater good, like how Optimus Prime died while saving Sam during a fight in the woods, and the huge hope Sam has in the Matrix to bring Optimus Prime back to life. In the end, good did roll over evil although at a slower speed. 15omins for oogling at sleek cars and fine details. This is dream heaven to the geeks.


On the day after, Evan and I went to watch Ice Age 3 in 3D format at 6.50p.m., a time when many families descended on the cinema and I must say that the experience was rather an interesting one. You see, I had never watched a 3D show till that day. The pictures on the screen seemed to pop-out like in a pop-out book or card. (Note: I used the word “pop-out”, not “leaped out”.) I like the side story of Scrat’s, the prehistoric squirrel’s, whirlwind romance. It was not only funny but cute too. 😀 The other issues were rather common ones like how Manny is going to handle his new baby, whether Sid is suitable to be a foster father to his adopted dinosaur babies, how a mother-to-be is always the calm one during emergencies, and finally, the (mismatched) herd that fights together will always stick together.

The 3D glasses were abit of a hassle as I had to hold it onto my nose bridge so that it would stop sliding off. After a while, it got a bit tiring, my nose bridge started to hurt, I began to watch bits of the film without them and it there was not many differences between the two formats. Will I go watch a 3D film again? Yes, if it was a free ticket. Sigh. Cute story but not really nice experience.


Off to sleep now. By the way, Mum thought I was kind of crazy to be watching two films on two consecutive days. Lol. Oh! And I came down with the flu, only the flu!, after that. I have been on M.C for two days now.

Another thing, I was informed by my colleague that a new timetable is out and I am so going to major HATE my mondays from this week on. Wish me luck.


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