A Quick One Because I Am Lazy To Type More

Another quick update simply because I am currently too lazy to type a long post and I am simply thinking of hitting the sack pretty soon.

Today was the day my classmates and I were not looking forward to and neither was it looked forward to. Today marked the last day of being together as a class; it was the sort-of graduation for us. For nearly four whole years, we had been stuck together, weathering all sorts of storms, both internal and external, since our days, three years, at N*FA and the remaining days at N*E. Let us just say that today was rather solemn, besides the fact that this day marked the official date we entered the ‘force’.

Yes, the ‘force’. We were called into the ‘force’. The ‘force’ is not a job for the faint-hearted as there are many challenges that are not listed in the job-description. Many challenges, indeed. Serious. In this line of work, one must have the courage to face each day, for each day holds different suprises, and shocks too. I will not go on as I do not intend to put future candidates off. Lol!

Right. Back to FB. 🙂 By the way, my photos for today’s ceremony is up. Where are yours???


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