Still Alive

Alright, alright. I am still alive and thank you very much for your concern. Just leaving a note saying that I had been rather lazy since my last (short) entry. Hahaha. So, sue me, but you will not get any money out of me for it. Bleh.

My parents were in China for two weeks, meaning I was left at home with Kiki, and that we had to fend for ourselves during that time. Well, one good thing came out of it and that was, I had been clocking in to work at 7:05a.m almost every day. Lol!!! Usually, that is the time I would leave the house if Dad was sending me to school. Lol!!! I am such a horrible girl. 😛 So, yeah. Now that my personal driver is back home, things will go back to normalcy. Wahahahahaha!!!

Oh well… Some things will never change.

Have a lovely week ahead! 🙂


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