Overcoming My Challenge

It had been quite an exciting week last week. I did new things and then met up with old friends.

Last thursday saw me and my class either swinging or walking from tree to tree on ropes and wooden boards at Bedok reservoir park. That day was the day I overcame my physical weakness, resulting in very sore arms and saving my face infront of the kids. Lol! The same challenge which I gave up on during the primary 5 camp many years ago, thank God, I overcame it using all I got, both legs and arms during which I realised that I was terribly unfit. Hahahahha!!! The kids were encouraging me from the ground not to give up, and because they were watching me, I did not want to disappoint them and also myself. If I gave up then, just at the start of the course, would that not be very malu? So, yeah. I did myself proud, finished the entire course with them and went home with sore arm muscles, tingling nerves and a furious bruise that has yet to disappear from my upper left arm. Oh! The course was designed with four Flying Fox/Zip Line and all four of these that I did ended up with me, as a fellow participant described, “butt-landing”, with sand all over the back of my tee-shirt and in my shoes and socks!!! And I had to invigilate an exam after that. 😦 How joyous. I brought home a bit of the reservoir that day.

Saturday was a very dull day. Firstly, I was in school with the band kids from 8a.m till 5p.m. during which I finished my Work Review (hooray!) and watched an episode of Bleach (:D). Shortly after I dismissed the band, it rained. In fact, it poured. It would had been alright if I was going home after that. However, it was not the case. I was going to Bishan to celebrate a friend’s coming-of-age. How sweet. And it was pouring all the way there. Yippee. It was great to meet the whole gang again. The previous times we met were only a handful of us, never us eight together. Strangely, the last time we had a “family portrait” was during the same guy’s birthday. Heh. The last photo was very formal, with the guys standing straight and not doing any funny business behind the girls  who were seated infront of them. This latest photo was very informal. Although we were together, we were, like, anyhow-anywhere. Lol! There was not any proper order. And one would think that as we grow older, our “family portraits” would be more and more formal. Instead, it is going the other way round. LOL!!!  Oh well, *sigh…*

Well, nothing else to report. Back to FB-ing or else YouTube-ing. Till next time. Cheers!


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