31 Dec. 2009 11:59p.m

OK. I have less than ten minutes to say what I want to say of this year 2009 before it passes by and becomes ‘last year’.

What have I achieved this 2009, or rather, my highlights of this year…

– I became an official member of the edu Force in July. 

–  My first posting was in June (not able to get out of this till one and half years later).

– My first form class (little bunch of rascals they were).

– My first overseas school trip (yes, my own school life was rather pathetic) and finally, the major highlight,

– Passing my (confounded) driving test on the fourth try (sad but true) and I am now happy zipping around in my Dad’s little car, and of course, with him in the passenger’s seat. :p

Not so major highlights this year…

– I did a few trips out of Singapore but not anywhere further than Malaysia. Sad. Must definitely travel out next year.

– Full time music teacher in school. I was teaching 95% music and 5% relief.

– Fourth year blogging.

Nothing else to add. That more or less sums up my year.


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