Hiking on a Sunny Day = Cold & Sorethroat

Alright. Just a really quick one.

I went hiking up Mt. Faber with the 3NT kids on wednesday noon time (stupid right???), under the blazing sun and clear weather. I seriously did not think that I would had been so affected by the weather as the trail was mostly shaded by trees and plants. The hike took us up 70 metres above sea level. Another thing, it was my second time going up that way (the first time was with Baka Tori and Baka Neko last year in June), hence I was put in charge of this trip by my colleague. Anyway, I was so tired when we got back to the school that about an hour later, I was on my way home (I usually do not go home till about 6p.m.). Got home, rest a bit and then took a lovely cold shower. The next day, I was down with a cold. Awesome, eh? So, I am on anti-bio and lots of water since Thursday and thankfully, I am 80% cured of the sneezing, mucous and sore-throat. Yayy!!! I seriously need to be O.K by tomorrow as I will be getting the H1N1 vaccine jab, courtesy of MoE. Thanks, you people at the top!

To sleep!!!


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