CNY Eve 13th Feb. 2010

It is almost the new Lunar New Year, just one day away, and there are many people thronging the supermarkets at this time of the night. I was at the local ShengSiong supermarket and it was CROWDED. The queues at the cashiers were long hence the waiting time there was also long. The supermarket was all out tonight, taking out more food stuff, especially fresh food, from the storage. It looked like they were intending to pull an all-nighter. Mum and I took a walk there after dinner just to check out the crowd (yes, we were that bored) and we came home with only Instant Noodles (x5), fresh fishballs (x2) and a packet of ready-to-serve fried fishballs. Total bill: $4.60. And we took a real stroll home.

It is already the eve of the New Year. There will be lots of things, mainly cooking, to be done in preparation for our family’s annual Reunion Dinner and also for the New Year. My brother and his family will be coming in the evening, after his in-law’s and a short rest and shower at home. The menu for the dinner is about the same every year; there is the Chap Wair Teng (“10 ingredients soup”), Ngoh Hiang (“5 spice rolls”), mixed vegetables with scallops and clams, fried leeks with fish, Roasted duck and chicken, and, for dessert, almond jelly with longans. Sounds good right? I am looking forward to it. 😀 And then it will be the Peranakan Mass at night. I still have not decided on what to wear to Mass, considering the fact that I do not have my own Sarong kebaya. Sad… 😦 Oh well.

So, just a little something for you lovely and faithful readers.

May God bless you  this new Lunar Year of the Tiger to be a good, eventful, fortunate, happy, peaceful, prosperous and wonderful time.

And, and…

Happy Valentine’s Day! Be loving and kind to the relatives who ask the usual questions and who do not want to give you an angpow just because you have been single for a really long time. Lol!!! It is a joke!!!


Side note: I saw this advertisment on FB. “Ladies Shoes Online. Buy Shoes Online at ……….com. Free shipping in Singapore! Over 100 exclusive varieties of boots, heels, casual shoes for you!” What is wrong with this? Well, the answer is… ‘Free shipping in Singapore!’ Why ‘free shipping’ but not ‘free delivery’? It is not that Singapore is so HUGE that a boat/ship is needed to cross the ocean/sea. And even if Singapore is that HUGE, the word ‘delivery’ is still the most appropriate word to use. So there!


The students in PYS have been behaving weirdly, getting themselves into all sorts of fights, with a group making the headlines early this week. I wonder what is causing them to behave so. Is it because the holidays will be here soon???


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