Nodame Cantabile Finale

Nodame Cantabile is so FUN to WATCH!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

I actually forgot how crazy Nodame can actually be. I am now watching ‘Nodame Cantabile Finale’ on YT after stumbling on its existance on I now have this sudden and crazy urge to play a Scarlatti sonata on the piano but I am holding back on this craziness due to it being 12:21a.m. Just being a considerate citizen. Heh.

Oh oh! On episode two. There is this error on episode two. Nodame opened her book, getting ready to play and I saw it to be a Chopin Nocturne but she played a Scarlatti sonata instead! (That somehow explains my crazy and sudden urge.) I had to do a double look at that scene! Hmmm… What is going on here??? Back to watching it! I think I will do two episodes at a time or lesser or else there will not be enough to satisfy my craziness. Lol!!! I will maybe mix it with an episode from Merlin Season 2. Hee! šŸ™‚

Nodame is still crazy. And her music is getting better. This reminds me of my crazy days two years ago. Fond memories…


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