22 years, 1 week.

As of today, I am officially Twenty-two years and a week old. OH MY GOSH!!!!! I FEEL SO OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, this post is dedicated to Baka Neko. Be happy about it, my dear Cat.

The one most incredible thing that happened last week was the start of my ‘old age’. I had dinner with the three girls (it was the first dinner we had together after so long!!!) at Somerset. We had our dinner at a Thai restaurant (the Tom-yum Beehoon soup was to my liking, I can salivate at the thought of it!), chat, called for the bill, gave the card, and left. Thank goodness we did not go far. We just went opposite to Marvelous Cream for dessert (and it was yummy!!!) What happened was that we left without me signing the bill a.k.a I left without my credit card. O.O I know. Please do not say anymore. I still cannot get it over. I am so old. CRAP!!! Wahahahahha!!!!!

What happened after dessert was a very lazy affair. We four just sat at the lounge area, chatting the almost-two-hours away. Juls and Baka Neko were discussing Chopin’s Ballades while Char and I were talking about the students. So, we sat there till our butts ache. Lol! 🙂

Before dinner that day, I attended a sharing session for B.Ts teaching Music held at TSS. It was a very cosy affair, with only eight people in attendance as the others who were supposed to be there were either on sick leave or held back by work. I learnt much from my own peers and also from two other Ts from outside my course. But the one whom I learnt the most was from a Senior T, Mrs. Loke, who shared with us what she had been doing for Music since she began, what kind of topics she had taught and how she handled the students under her charge. What she shared gave me inspirations on what to teach next sememster when I get the Sec. 2s.

That was on Monday, 1st March.

On Tuesday, it was at St. M’s on a course where I met my seniors and also my ex-C.T. Unfortunately, I was so tired by the day’s events that I fell asleep during the 3-hour session (Dora was seated next to me, busy taking notes). The only thing I like about it was the sandwiches the school provided. WAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHA!!!Oh oh! On the way to St. M’s, the three of us, Dora, myself and my colleague J, were a bit lost getting there. In the end, we stopped at Queenstown MRT and then took a cab to the school. Well, for the next session, which will happen today, we will take the MRT to Orchard and then bus our way there.

In the evening, I had dinner with Mum and Dad. I wanted to eat at Guan Hoe Soon. However, it was closed for the day. Darn. Instead, we went to Ubin, a Chinese seafood restaurant at Joo Chiat Road. The food was alright. For six dishes to feed three adults, the bill amounted to about $40-odd. Not bad eh. (These eateries are all walking distance from my place. I love living in Joo Chiat. Heh!)

Fast forward a little bit, it was the Sec. 2 level camp at Dairy Farm on thursday. It was an overnight camp. The camp itself was fun, even for us accompanying teachers. That thursday itself was really packed with activities, from the time we got there, at around 10 in the morning, till late at night. For my group, we did a lot walking that day with just a few low-element rope activities. We went walking on a Nature trail with a professional guide, learning about the history of the area and also the different uses of the plants. Along the way, the kids saw the local monkeys and spotted a monitor lizard.  It was only on the second day of the camp that the kids got to climb high up and get rid of their fears. At the end of it, they had fun, and they were tired. I was tired too as I did not go to sleep early the previous night, instead, I and a few other Ts stayed up to talk and swap stories. Finally hit the sack at 3a.m. and got up at around 6.30a.m. I was totally zombied when I got back to school for Band duty. Slept at my desk for two hours straight. Haha!!! Went home after Band. On saturday, I woke up with a sore throat and runny nose. This usually happens to me when I am really tired after being in the hot sun all day. I call this “fatigue-ness”.

As of now, the runny nose is gone, just the occasional blocked nose and the throat is dry at times.

Sigh. Back to doing work. Got class in half-hour’s time and I am also correcting my Form’s English journal-writing (I am doing this just to help them in their NYAA component).

Back to work, back to work!!! Yes! I can do this!!!


One thought on “22 years, 1 week.

  1. Guess what, dear grandma! i just saw this entry! :X i am soooo slow! anyways, thanks for dedicating this entry to me! 😀 😀 😀

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