One Semester is already Gone

2nd June, Wednesday (Today!) – Buffet Lunch & NMS

Went to have an early Fathers’ Day lunch with my parents at the Bayview Cafe on Bencoolen Street. The buffet Asian food there was relatively good and also easy on the purse ($14.80++ per person). However, they could expand a little more on the types of dishes, like add in Laksa, Mee Siam or Kueh Pie Tee. They did have DIY Popiah which I made two rolls that did not turn out well. Oh well, it was for me to eat anyway. Heh! I liked the White Fungus Chicken Soup and the DIY Fried Fish Noodle Soup. Soups!!! I had been in the mood for soups this week. Maybe it is due to the weather being so hot and humid… After lunch, we walked to the nearby National Museum of Singapore. It has been a long time since we been there, especially now that the place has been renovated, making the place brighter with the class ceilings above the central staircases. The exhibits were all categorised into themes, among them were Food and Fashion. The back part of the museum housed the History of Singapore exhibit. We left the place at around 4pm, quitting the History section midway or else we would be there all through the night (I stopped at the World War II).

1st June, Tuesday – NTU@OneNorth, In-training Course: Reflective Practice

The three-hour course on Reflective Practice at Buona Vista was a really enriching one for all of us at this lesson, mainly because of the facilitator, Dr. Anthony Loh, an ex-Principal, was really enthusiastic about his job and was very forthcoming with his ‘sharing session’, a.k.a story telling, when we brought up some of our own work issues as examples. The three hours flew by quite fast. Well, basically, Reflective Practice is a way of helping people in this field to solve problems by thinking over and jotting down their actions, both the good and bad, but not to use it as a report. Reflective Practice involves three attitudes of the Practioner: Openmindedness, Responsibility and Wholeheartedness. At the end of the day, Reflective Practice is for both the teacher and the student; for the teacher to be more openminded when dealing with the student, be more responsible for the student and wholeheartedly give for the student, and the student will be impacted by such a wonderful teacher, thereby, God-willing, be a responsible and openminded member of this society and  also serve the nation wholeheartedly. I just have to keep on reminding myself about these three points when I write my reflections.

31st May, Monday – MTL O’Level

Invigilation fo the Mother Tongue O’Levels Mid-Year paper at a Bedok secondary school. I got there way too early as I was the first one there in the school’s hall (not including the CPE & ACPE). The other invigilators came in about five-ten minutes after me. Anyway, even though we had ‘shifts’ while invigilating, it was still boring, so boring that during my breaks, I sat outside the hall napping. Yawn. At the end of the written paper, it poured. Like finally. What a boring day.

29th & 30th May, Saturday & Sunday – Nothing to report

28th May, Friday – Vesak Day (PH), Outing with Godma and Godpa, and Mummy

Went out with my Godparents and my mum to the Helix in the morning. The name Helix basically describes the shape of a pedestrian bridge across the Singapore River, from the Floating Platform on the Esplanade Theatres side to the Marina Sands on the other side. So, we walked a long way from the City Hall MRT all the way to Marina Sands, checking out the exteriors of the shopping building, the now-opened-for-business casino and the hotel (the Three Towers) on the other side of the road. Yes, the Hotel is separated from the casino and shops by a newly opened road but there is an underground link between the two sides. The shop-spaces are huge. One particular highend brand (can not recall the name now) will be occupying five ordinary shop-space. Like, HUGE. The lobby of the hotel is also like wow. There are really incredible mordern art pieces hanging around and there are these giant plant pots where trees are planted in. I wonder how the rooms look like…


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