Back Home (23rd June 2010)

Touched down at Changi International Airport at 5:55a.m., almost half an hour ahead of schedule. Arrived home at 7:05a.m. Did some unpacking untill 8:45a.m. before hitting the sack for the next 7-odd hours when I had to get up to bathe and look good for Vicky’s wedding dinner. My body’s clock is still adjusting to the 6 hours ahead time difference. Met Esther, Joyce and Meijun at Newton M.R.T at 7-ish in the evening to go to the dinner venue together. Had a good Chinese dinner at the Raffles Town Club. Vicky was super hyper happy when she saw us in the lobby before the dinner started :). Ms. Ng (a.k.a Mei), myself, Esther and Joyce shared a cab home. Got home at around 11:15p.m. Meijun and the other girls took another cab ahead of us. We shared the cab based on where we live.

Incoherrent thoughts. Bah. Need to sleep soon. I think my clock is sort of messed up now.

There will be a Staff Seminar in the morning, all the way in Pasir Ris Downtown East. Sigh. So far away.

My European trip has been highly educational and filled with photos of buildings and architecture. Shuttercrazy!!!



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