No More Spending on Wants

From this day on till the day I moved back to this house, I promise not to spend on Wants but only on Needs; no spending on books, no spending on clothes and no spending on stationery.

This promise came about when I was packing some small stuff in my room, causing me to wonder how on earth was I going to pack all of my barang, especially my books and other knicknacks. Sigh. And the Old Man has yet to decide when we are moving. 😦 So many things to do. Must get more boxes. Looks like I better ask the Office Lady on Monday to save me the printing-paper empty boxes now that she will be busy printing the EOY Exam papers. I better do more packing or else it will be a big rush when the time comes.


5 thoughts on “No More Spending on Wants

  1. Heh. I am most honoured to see that you two elusive ones actually read my blog. 🙂
    1. Moving to Kembangan. Not that far away from you, Amanda. 😉
    2. The ‘mini-garden’ here will still be here. Maybe smaller.

  2. THEN who’s taking over the Marine Parade house? Kembangan, where’s that. HAHA. I’ve heard of the place but it sounds super ulu mama.

  3. I don’t stay in Marine Parade. Wrong place lah, Juliaaa. Kembangan is one MRT station after Eunos. And the house is in 5 mins walking distance from the station.

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