I am now in …

Hello! I’m now in this seaside town called Nha Trang. The sea wind is strong and the good thing is that you can’t smell the sea at all!!! There isn’t that strong smell of the sea that you cab find in other places. And the sea water is clean. The only down side is that because of the change of season, the water is cloudy, so, it’s not with that clear blue or clear green sea that we see in the postcards.

A little bit more of where I was for the past two days. I was at this lovely little town, Hoi An. And that was where I parted with most of my cash. 😀 Bought so many lovely little things. And two pieces of what I always wanted to get; Tintin lacquered cover boards!It’s so much cheaper here. I should had bought a few more pieces. Hee!

I will upload my photos into FB when I get home, which will be in 4 days time.

We will be heading off inland to another town tomorrow; Dalat, on the 8a.m bus.

By the way, today’s the 3rd Sunday of Advent. I wanted to go for a mass here but all masses were so early in the morning. We walked past a church and a wonderful neo-gothic cathedral which were both, sadly, closed. Oh well.

Till next time. 😉


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