My Birthday Wish List 2011

OK. First and foremost, I know that by putting up this list, it is not only SUPER early for me to do so, but it also say that I am being really thick-skin. So, HEH!

Actually, I put this up so that I will not forget what I want. 😉

In random order:
1. USB table fan (about $9.90 from Action City)
2. Hans Christian Andersen’s Book of Tales (about $29.90 from Kinokuniya)
3. The Kane Chronicles:The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan (about $20++ from Kinokuniya)
4. The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan (about $28.00 from Kinokuniya)
5. Coloured plasticpencil caps (pack of 3 or 4, about $2.00 from Kinokuniya or ‘A nBC’ bookstore)
6. IKEA stackable storage boxes [for me to keep more stuff] (price varies from item to item
7. IKEA vouchers.

8. Wallet (Plain coloured and sleek, not chunky)

9. Sponsorship for a pair of wooden spectacle frames (don’t know how much it is but it looks cool ;))

As you probably realise it by now, I like books. I LOVE TO READ. Currently, I like Rick Riordan’s books for teens.  But classics like Hans Christian Andersen’s still makes me happy. 🙂 Some of the items listed here are brought over from Christmas last year while others are what I suddenly wanted as I went through each day, like a new wallet and pencil caps. As for the IKEA storage items, it is simply because I am still in the midst of moving to a new house that I need to pack my huge amount of things.  😀

Just want to end off by saying that I do not really mind what I get for birthday as long as it is practical and good to use. And even if I do not get anything physical, just a note, or a message/email/SMS will suffice. Just do not get me edibles, unless you are very certain that it is something that I had never tried before and will not mind eating.



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