Just a very quick update.

30th May 2011, Monday – We moved to a new house after 20-odd years in the previous one. Not for permanent but we will be back after about a year of addition and alteration works to the old house. The new house is nearer to Kembangan MRT Station, about 5 minutes to walk there, and it is most convenient to get to the church especially since there are many buses that we can take up the hill. Since we moved, I have been walking home from the workplace. It is only a 25 minutes stroll home. πŸ™‚

I like my new room. It is much bigger and it has an attached bathroom. I got a small TV and I put the under utilised DVD player there too. So, I will be watching more movies this time round. πŸ˜‰

One down side is that there is something wrong with the telephone connection point in my room, therefore, whenever I have to use the internet, I will have to go to my mum’s room. Sad. Oh well…


I will be going away for my June vacation this coming wednesday, to Vietnam with my mum and grandaunt. I will be the tour guide. May the Lord help me, but it should be fine. I started packing a little bit yesterday and will do the rest this evening after I get home from work.


Having a blasted headache now. It was a stomach problem this morning and now this. Sigh. I need Penadol.

Well, I will blog again when I can do so in Vietname or else, it will be after the 18th.

Cherrio! πŸ˜€


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