Now In…

Chau Doc Town, almost north of the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. This place is the border town to Cambodia. Lots of (rice) paddy fields around. Staying at Tinh Thanh 2 Hotel. For dinner, we walked down the street and had chinese porridge, the thick kind (choik), with mixed pork meat. Quite an appetising meal at 27,000 dong (the you tiao is 2,000 dong per piece). Will be going back to Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow. Should reach there by early evening.

We may go off to the famed everybody-else-did-it Cu Chi Tunnels on Monday and then maybe off to Da Lat on Tuesday for a 3days 2nights tour. (Back to Da Lat!) Well, Da Lat is the Cameron Highlands of Vietnam and it is quite a nice place, for one night, that is. Anyway, I will get off the internet now even though there is no hurry as there is no one hovering around to use this sole internet-abled computer but I need a shower and change of clothes because it is so hot!!! Weather here is so much like Singapore.

Got to be up tomorrow at 5.30am, change and pack, breakfast at 6.30am before heading out back to the main city of Saigon.

There are irritating little mozzies flying around.

Alright. Another day. Maybe when I get home. 🙂


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