Now In…

Well, I am now in Dalat, the Cameron Highlands of Vietnam. I will be here for the next 2 days, leaving on Thursday night back to Ho Chi Minh City, another 7 hours ride on the bus.

The climate here is really wonderful; a cool climate in the midst of summer. Delicious! For dinner this evening, we had the local hot-pot of fresh vegetables, slices of meat, slices of the local fishcake, a small steak of river fish, prawns and noodles. 🙂

We will be off for a city tour in the morning. We will be visiting the same places I went last year. Why am I doing this again? Well, this is the first time my mum is here in Vietnam and also because we had a week more to go, she decided to come up here for a 3 days 2 nights stay. On the day tour tomorrow, we will visit the waterfalls (Datania & Prenn), a Buddhist monastery, that garden love-themed Valley of Love, XQ Embroidery a small fruit farm which also sells local products, and also the Domain de Marie convent. I think I left out a few other places but that’s what I remembered from the itinerary I read a few days ago when we were at the tourist agency.

OK. Time for me to sleep now even though I did not do much but sleep on the bus ride from the city to here.

By the way, this mini hotel that i am staying is known as Rum Vang Hotel, at 12 Phan Boi Chau Road, just 10mins walk to the market. The place looks good and the room is big with a large attached bathroom. Nice.

Good night!


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