Of Business and Red and White

Oh. My. Gosh.

I can not remember when was the last time I updated this blog.


Red. Well, it is now the National Day week and it is going to be quite busy on my part. You see, I am in the school’s very own T-cher’s Band, known as Street Sixty-One, and as part of our own contributions back to the school (not that we ourselves had never contributed as we had already done lots), we will be leading the school in the singalong segment of the celebrations tomorrow morning. Oh, I forgot to mention that practice for this is at 6.30a.m.

White. And then on tuesday, which is the actual National Day a.k.a Public Holiday number 1, I will have to be in the school at 6.30a.m to accompany a few of my Band students to perform at KK Community Centre for the National Day Observance Ceremony. So, it will be 2 straight days of waking up VERY EARLY. Then comes wednesday, which is a school holiday, I will be staying at home and getting a lot of rest and my work done.


Happy 46th National Day!


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