Thai Getaway :)

There and back again. So said Bilbo Baggins.

Yes, time really flies. I had already went off to Bangkok and now I am already back at home. Sigh… And very soon, it will be back to work on monday. Double sigh…

Right. How was my Thai trip?? It was filled with experiences, both the good and bad. Let me start with the bad. We were ripped off a couple of times by the taxi drivers and the tut-tut drivers. Transportation is bad. What is good is the food. Food is resonably priced there. I got a full square meal (appetiser, main and drink) for just 100baht or SGD4. I even had sharkfin soup for only 160baht. Yayyy!!!

Bought lots of stuff, but not much clothing. Their fashion is really recent, with lots from Korean design. Went to Platinum Fashion Mall where the entire place is dedicated to all things fashion. It is also a wholesale centre; got to buy 2 pieces and more in order to enjoy the wholesale price, which is about 30-50baht lesser than the usual price.

Did not do much except for shopping, eating, and shopping, and food massage. That is about it. Yea.

Back to my desk tomorrow due to Band duty.


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