New Drama That I Am Watching

I just realized something about myself, but I think that it is very natural of any human being to have this.

I tend to rant here whenever I get heated up due to the drama that I am currently watching, be it getting excited and happy, angry, or confused. I am sure there are others who do the same.

So, what drama am I watching now? It is “The Tempest”, a Japanese drama starring my only favourite Japanese actress Nakama Yukie. I like her acting as she is, in my opinion, very versatile and able to bring out the character of her role. I first saw her in “Gokusen” and subsequently, I watched the other dramas she acted in, like “Untouchable” and “Trick”.

Well, what makes me rant right now is that her character, Son Neion or Mazuru, has the love of three other men. Like, wth!!! The first one is the man she herself loves but she cannot due to her job which is her priority. The second is her friend and colleague who does not know that she is a woman. Yes. There is cross-dressing in this drama (where Son Neion is an eunach in the King’s court and Mazuru is the woman that is hidden in her). And third, it is the King who she is, in episode 8, the concubine of. And I suspect that in episode 9, it will be revealed that she is pregant with the King’s child. Ahhhh!!! The agony if Asakura-dono finds out!!! I wonder how she is going to keep up with her charade of maintaining her role as Son Neion, a man and officer in the King’s court, and as the concubine to the same king. Well, for your information, there are 2 men who know her true identity and they are the King (it was revealed to him in episode 8 by herself), and her first love, Asakura-dono, who found out long ago back in episode 3 (?) when he saved her after she jumped off a cliff.

So. I shall be good and wait patiently for the next episode which is number 9. Yup.

So exciting!!!


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