All Good Things Must Come To An End

Guess where I am now!

Can you guess? I do not think so as I did not leave any clues. Hahaha!

I am now sitting in the waiting area of Incheon International Airport, waiting to board the airplane that will mark the end of my stay in the land of kimchi, which I tell you, I ate it at nearly every meal! Not that I’m complaining or anything like that, but just saying that kimchi is a very important side dish in Korea and it is a good source of good bacteria which aids digestion, like drinking Yakult but with fibre and some chili powder. 🙂

Today being the last day here in Seoul, God gave us Singaporeans who had never seen falling snow, a chance to see it. It was snowing this morning! It was a very pretty sight; the snow was so small and it was drifting down so gracefully. Happy!

Back to Singapore soon and then tomorrow morning, I will be seeing my new class at the Sec. 1 registration. I wonder how they are like.

Ah! They are calling for boarding now. They next time I blog will be Christmas time. There will be alot of work for me to do when I get home and the thought of it makes me go Aargh!!!!!!!!!!!! 😱 Painful. Both housework and office work to accomplish by Christmas, and there is also the presents to wrap.

Oh well… All good things must come to an end. I must work hard and plan for the next vacation. Lol!!! 😁

Where shall I go next? Japan 🇯🇵? Eastern 🇩🇪Europe? England🇬🇧? Hong kong??


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