Ramblings at the Start of 2012.

So it is the new year of 2012.

I have only two resolutions for this year and they are…

1. Be a better, more tolerant, more patient, and quick thinking person, and a more scathing teacher.

2. Be fitter and leaner a.k.a must do more exercises.

Last year’s resolutions were mostly unachievable. I only managed to watch most of those films that I wanted. Speaking of films, if I am not wrong, ‘The Hobbit’ will be out this year, with Steven Spielburg and Peter Jackson producing. Exciting!

I will be back to work tomorrow, meeting my new class, hence, putting back on my grouchy and black unsmiling face. I hope it will be impactful on these new kids.

It is just the start of the year but I am already feeling quite pessimestic about it. Not good. Oh well… Live each day and make the best of it. Sadly, in this job, I must be always planning ahead.

A little bit of happy news. My piano student got a 92% (distinction) for her Grade 5 Theory. Yayyy!!! For her Grade 5 Practical, which she will be examined sometime in either March or April this year, we both agreed that it will be a miracle if she can pass her Sight-reading. She is a little like me, as in the sight-reading bit, but thankfully, she is a hard-working girl with no discipline issues, so teaching her has been really fun. This year is her extra important year; the O’levels, so she has a lot to balance, especially since she is also in the Pure Science class. I will not be surprised if she wants to put her Piano on hiatus after the practical exam, so as to concentrate on her O’s. All the best, kid.

Chinese New Year this year is on the third week of January, which is just three weeks from today. So fast…

Alright. I shall stop rambling. Another day then.


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