10 March 2012

During a recent dinner gathering, a girlfriend pose this question to us, “What would a guy get you that will make u love him immediately. In other words a sucker for?” So, when sheasked me this kind of question, I was truly stunned. My first response was, “I don’t know. I’m still on my quest.”

But now that I have the time to think about the question seriously,  I wonder, am I a materialistic kind of person? If that is the case, then I would want him to get me my own dream car, Mini Cooper S, a whole collection of Tin-Tin figurines, renovate/rebuild my old house and help me move back there. And if he completes all of these, then I will truly consider him, but until then, I shall just pray and waitThor the day God send me my other better half.

In all truth, he must make me truly laugh. To make me laugh from the bottom of my heart, to let me be filled up with happiness and not a trace of sadness or melancholy. Does such a man exist for me? I do not know and that is why I say, I will wait and pray for my Maker to send me him.


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