Yukie -29 March 2012

29th March 2012

The day Yukie went home to the big green field of God’s country.

Kor, Mum and I brought her to the Vet’s clinic in the evening.

She was actually getting better a few days before but she got worst that morning.

It started with a puncture-like wound about a month ago but it got really bad only in the last two weeks. Mum became the doctor and did her best to clean out her wound. It was a fly bite worsten as the wound swollen when the fly eggs hatched in her. So, yes, there were maggots. We learned from the Vet that this is normal occurance but on hindsight, we should had brought her to the Vet earlier and have her treated properly.

Since the time we moved over, Yukie did not put on any weight but she got skinnier despite eating her usual share. On her last day, she did not eat at all but was always lying down, shivering/shuddering in her corner. It must be really painful but when Kor and Dad attempted to put her in a basket so that we could bring her to the Vet, she put up a good fight and struggled to get out of the basket.

Thinking back, Yukie probably knew what we were going to do especially when we were at the clinic. Kor and I cried as we said our good-byes. We did not witness her “eternal sleep” injection but we waited outside the room. When we saw her again, she was as if asleep, having a really peaceful sleep, after all her troubles and sufferings were over.

A void was formed in me that day when we got home. I cried again. That night as I laid in bed, I could not help thinking of all the 15 years she had been with us; her younger days, her silliness, how she would hide among the plants when there was thunder or when the parents were fighting, how she would sneak into the house from the kitchen and sleep on the red rug Mum had put in the hall. All the crazy and silly stuff she did.

I will miss her.

I miss her.

She is in a better place now, maybe digging or scratching something. Basically, enjoying herself and doing what she wants and maybe, she got to meet St. Francis of Assisi and play with other dogs.

Till we meet again, my silly little girl with the white-tipped tail.


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