Just a quick update about my highly uninteresting life. LOL!

I have been coughing badly these past 3 weeks and, the stubborn me refuses to see the doctor and get myself better. So, I have been self-medicating and I am still coughing. Alright, alright. I shall see the doc after I am done with my exam, which is in 3 days time.

Gah!!! Exams. I should had picked some modules that do not require written examinations. Oh well. I better do a proper revision for it now instead of being side-tracked by Wattpad.

Wattpad has thousands of wonderful stories written by so many talented people, and I have been lately fascinated by the stories of this author of a teenage girl who goes by the pen name/Wattpad account name of Twistedangel. I could not stop reading her works! She has much potential there, and can give Stephanie Meyer a run for her money. She just needs a beta reader/editor. She has some common grammar mistakes, which really should not occur, and some missing words in sentences; possibly happens when the mind works faster than the fingers. Other than that, she will be fine. 🙂

Alright. I better start on that dreaded revision for “Shakespeare on Film”. Gah! I have to memorise at least the 2 Shakespearean films and their original texts. Thank goodness the required text is ‘The Tempest’ (tolerable), and then I have to choose either ‘Richard III’ or ‘Macbeth’. These three texts mentioned are the compulsory/required/examined texts. I cannot run away from those. Oh well.

Till next time!


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